About Us

The aim of the Christian Hiking Network is to provide an opportunity for people to get together and enjoy the outdoors. We offer a broad hiking program that caters to all levels of fitness and experience. The program also includes related activities such as kloofing and river rafting.

Our inter-church network has grown out of the Christian Life Camps Bay hiking group and it is now an opportunity for more people and different churches to get involved.

We are a Christian based hiking group, however all are more than welcome to attend, as long as you aren't afraid to break a sweat!

Tourists are welcome to join us.. The hikes are lead by experienced and competent individuals with a good knowlege of the area. You'll be in very capable hands.

Our hiking program consists of a variety of hikes, ranging from 2 hour hikes to week long trails, therefore there is something for everyone. The locations and environment always vary, making each hike different and absolutely breath taking.

Come prepared, with comfortable shoes, water and suitable clothes. Be enthusiastic but know your capabilities and limitations.

In the near future we will be launching a kids hiking programme offering a variety of suitable hikes and activities for children---accompanied by their parents. It is aimed at keeping your child active and outdoors.

To join the Christian Hiking Network, complete the registration form and sign the indemnity part. Hand the completed form to your contact person or your church office. You will then be provided with details of hikes and other activities via email.

Feel free to contact us for more information!